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Catherine Hansonís

About Us

Hi. My name is Catherine and I live in the Rocky Mountains of Montana with my husband, Gary, 2 poodles, 5 horses and lots of wildlife.† I spend winters painting when the weatherís too cold to ride.† Born in Philadelphia, I trained in Fine Art at the Worcester Art Museum School before switching to a major in Design.† Throughout my professional career in Corporate America as a Graphic Designer, Art Director and Marketing Executive, I continued with my first love ó painting.† Though the topics, surfaces and media have changed over the years, my passion hasnít.† Iím proud to say that collectors in over 30 states and many countries have invited my art into their homes and businesses.† I welcome your visit and hope you enjoy your stay.† Yíall come back real soon!

Top and middle photos of Smokey and me, courtesy of Jeremy Lurgio, C 2003.†† Bottom photo of Gai, Sabu and me, courtesy of Audrey Seale.

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